Christian Romance Author Liz Isaacson: To Pitch or Not to Pitch?

Monday, March 9, 2015

To Pitch or Not to Pitch?

So I've been gearing up for #PitMad for about a month. I've been writing and rewriting pitches. I've been participating in some other online pitch opportunities.

The thing is, I haven't done super-well. Yes, I've gotten a request or two. Nothing major. I know the competition is tough, but after this last round of nothing, I had a distinct thought. "My novel isn't loud enough to stand out in a twitter pitch contest."

And I determined not to participate in #PitMad.

Because while I think my book is good, and there's a market for it, it's not something that's wildly looked after by the agents on twitter. That doesn't mean it won't find an agent or an editor. But after spending a lot of time online lurking in the hashtag threads, I've realized that there aren't a lot of adult romance agents in those threads. One search of the #MSWL proves that. (Yes, there are *some* people there. Not nearly as many as YA fantasy or another genre.)

But since #PitMad is coming up, I am reconsidering my thought. Maybe I'll throw out a tweet or two. I don't know. I think it'll be such a windstorm that a genre like mine, with a book like mine, just won't stand out. And then I'll be disappointed again.

I can query and submit. I'm not stranger to that. I just haven't decided if pitching is the way to go for this novel/genre.



  1. I hate saying this, but it's how I approach things like this--

    Just do it. My twitter pitches are probably horribly. It's so hard to know what will catch someone's eye, that right someone. I go into them being pretty sure it's going to be a waste of time... but what if it isn't? Maybe there will be that one agent who's seen enough YA/MG pitches, and wants to find that one Adult book.

    Just do it, but don't dwell on it. Don't stalk the feed, don't rearrange your day, just do it. Toss out a few here and there. Hell, even once an hour when you're around your computer.

    Again, I hate saying this to someone else, but it's how I approach some of these things. Whatever you do though, much luck!

  2. How can I not join a blog about 'romance? It's your great blog title that got me here, but I'm glad it did. I love romance, and I prefer it to be clean. As a fellow writer, I'm wondering what #PitMad is. I suppose it's because I'm not on Twitter than I never heard of it. Could you tell me a little more ... and then I wanted to ask you to consider this: your book has not been picked up by an agent or editor there. Do you know of anyone's who's book has been snatched via that online pitch group?


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