Christian Romance Author Liz Isaacson: One of my Favorite Tropes: Enemies to Lovers

Monday, January 19, 2015

One of my Favorite Tropes: Enemies to Lovers

One of my favorite tropes in romance is enemies to lovers. I think it might be the number one trope for a lot of readers too. (Note to self: write a romance with this trope! I haven't actually tried it yet.)

There's just something hilarious and romantic about the rivals falling for each other. I think my favorite part of this trope though, is the sacrifices the hero and heroine make in order to be together. The things they give up to be with the other one. 

Because if they're both going after the same account at work, or looking to buy the same house, or trying to both win the same competition, one of them is always going to lose. How they lose -- and why they choose to do so -- is terribly romantic. 

If it's done right.

Maybe that's why I haven't tried this trope yet. I think it is tricky to get just right, and I think it takes a certain kind of character. Ones I just haven't written yet. 

What's your favorite romance trope? Do you like enemies to lovers as much as I do? 

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